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RCC dams

RCC dams often require an upstream facing. Exposed SIBELON® geomembrane systems are a better alternative to more traditional upstream facings, allowing faster construction and significant benefits: such as, the quantity of cement and fly ash can be reduced, local aggregate materials, more easily available, can be used in the RCC mix, there is no need for provisional cooling, and cracking during hardening is reduced due to the reduction in quantity of cement. The upstream geomembrane waterproofs the whole upstream face, including cracks, so that the bedding mix in the lift surface areas and treatment of horizontal joints is less critical, and waterstops at upstream contraction joints can be reduced or deleted.

Installation of the SIBELON® geomembrane system can be simultaneous with the construction of the dam, allowing for earlier staged commissioning. The SIBELON® geomembrane can be exposed or covered.

RCC with exposed geomembrane

Malaysia, 2015

USA, 2013

Usa, 2002

Colombia, 2002

RCC with covered geomembrane


USA, 2007

USA, 1998

France, 2011