Floating covers
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Floating covers

SIBELON® geomembrane systems are used to form watertight floating covers on reservoirs and ponds as protection against evaporation, dirt, rain water, and to prevent the diffusion of gases or odours.

A floating cover consists of a flexible geomembrane fixed at the crest of the reservoir or pond slopes or walls floating on the surface of the contained liquid.
The floating cover will rise and fall with the filling and emptying of the contained liquid. Consequently, the surface area of the floating cover will be at its maximum when the reservoir of pond is empty, and the reduced surface area when the reservoir or pond is full will form folds, which are kept in place by lines of ballast and floats. The ballast and floats will also allow optimal drainage paths to form on the cover for the collection or removal of rainwater.

The installation of an underlying gas drainage layer will enable the collection and dispersal of any gases that may accumulate under the cover.

Hatches in the cover allow access beneath the cover for cleaning and maintenance.

Portugal, 1996

italy, 1989