Embankment dams
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Embankment dams

SIBELON® geomembrane systems are safe and economical water barriers for embankment dams.

They can be installed exposed, or covered with a light cover, or as geomembrane cores/upstream diaphragms.

SIBELON® geomembrane systems can accommodate settlements of the embankment and differential displacements between embankment and concrete structures, that would be inconceivable with concrete slabs or asphalt concrete. They are a sustainable construction system: no need for concrete production plant, no need for heavy equipment, no need for complex waterstop systems. Placement rates are higher than for dams with concrete or asphalt concrete facings. They do not require routine maintenance, they allow some mitigation in the design of the zoning, some steepening of the slopes, and reduction in the volume of fill.

SIBELON® geomembrane impervious cores can accommodate large settlements of the embankment, make affordable projects when other suitable materials are not available, permit simplification of the zoning, and reduce construction times and costs.

Embankments with exposed geomembrane

Romania, 2016

Laos, 2016

Albania, 2013

Australia, 2016

Embankments with covered geomembrane

Iceland, 2012

Ethiopia, 2018

Iceland, 2006

Albania, 1996

Embankments with core geomembrane

Ethiopia, 2009

Tajikistan, 2018