Cemented Material Dams
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Cemented Material Dams

Cemented Materials Dams (CMDs) are a very safe and economical solution. Like RCC dams, they combine the economical and rapid placement techniques used for fill dams with the strength and durability of concrete dams.Like RCC dams, they require an impervious upstream facing. This is usually made of reinforced concrete slabs, with elaborated joints, or an upstream grout enriched facing.  

Exposed SIBELON®  geomembrane systems, used as upstream facing, prevent any leakage and reduce significantly the time and costs of the project:

  • Local material, more easily available, can be used in the mix;
  • No concrete in the design, therefore no need of concrete mix design, of slip forms, of elaborate joints, of complex concrete quality control procedures; no time elapsed for allowing curing of concrete;
  • The SIBELON® geomembrane system covers also possible cracks and discontinuities in the subgrade;
  • SIBELON® geomembrane systems have constant properties that are checked at production;
  • SIBELON® geomembrane systems are 100% controlled during installation, so the possibility of a faulty installation is reduced;
  • SIBELON® geomembrane systems remain functional also when exposed to demanding environmental conditions (functional life of an exposed SIBELON® geomembrane system is >50; if covered, the functional life is >100 years). 

Greece, 2015

Congo, 2017

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