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R&DResearch, pioneer design and testing are a permanently ongoing process at Carpi.

Carpi is constantly improving materials, system technologies and installation techniques.

Carpi R & D activities include among others investigation of performance of materials and systems by numerical analysis and simulation equipment, study and testing for new anchorage systems, study of new technologies for applications in demanding environments.

Carpi cooperates in research projects of various types with entities such as IREQ, the Research Institute of Hydro Québec, USACE, the US Army Corps of Engineers, TUM, the Technical University of Munich, VTTI, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Through our research projects we have been able to investigate the behaviour of existing systems, and of systems still under design, in canals, in embankment dams, and in underwater tanks.

Carpi’s R & D department has produced innovative solutions that have been patented worldwide.