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Reservoirs are designed to safely store a valuable liquid. Over time, poor resistance of the structure to environmental agents, action of the retained water, of the environment and of water treatment chemicals, may affect watertightness and jeopardize water quality.

Carpi waterproofing geomembrane systems are installed to provide imperviousness at construction, or adopted as repair measure to stop leakage.

The benefits are:

In new reservoirs, adapt to soft foundations/fairly uneven base layers, and to almost vertical surfaces, allowing creating larger water storage. In pumped storage reservoirs, can profitably substitute traditional waterproofing solutions like concrete and bituminous concrete linings, which need periodical maintenance

In new and old reservoirs, stop leakage, protect the structure from further deterioration, resist differential movements, settlements, seismic events, reduce formation of algae, are cost effective and minimize future maintenance

To avoid water evaporation in hot regions, or contamination of the impounded liquid or of the environment, reservoirs can be capped with a floating cover that

stops water loss by evaporation

hampers sunlight/water treatment components interaction which may produce hazardous chemicals

by following the water level avoids bacteria growth and gas build up

maintains water quality

Latest reservoir projects
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  • Panamá Canal expansion project – Panamá