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Carpi has developed and patented an external waterstop consisting of a geomembrane supported by site-specific anti-puncture/support/drainage layers capable to accept simultaneously movements of 300 mm opening and 200 mm settlement. In new construction, Carpi external waterstops are applied to contraction joints of RCC dams, to peripheral and vertical joints in CFRDs, and to all structures where it is essential to maintain watertightness in presence of differential movements.

In rehabilitation, the system can be applied to all types of structures, in the dry and underwater.

The benefits are :

Carpi external waterstop can withstand movements two orders of magnitude higher than those sustained by embedded waterstops

No risk of failure due to inadequate construction, as it happens with embedded waterstops

Can restore water tightness at failing joints and cracks

Latest joint projects
  • Angostura – Chile
  • Daniel Johnson – Canada