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In all civil works, water infiltration from foundations and areas of contact with soil, and rain, can decrease the safety of the structure, deteriorate the inside of the building, and create safety hazard and equipment damage within the structure.

Carpi waterproofing geomembrane systems provide a barrier to water infiltration, and long lasting protection against deterioration. They have been applied to foundations, underground parking lots, decks of highway bridges, roofing of large buildings including special “environmental” roofing, and water storage tanks.

The benefits are :

create a barrier to possible groundwater infiltration

guarantee the watertightness of the roofing

prevent damages to retained appurtenances

provide long-lasting protection against deterioration

Environment ProtectionTraffic Tunnels
Environment Protection

Geomembrane systems are used to confine potentially dangerous products. Their use ranges from landfills for various types of waste, to construction of protection barriers from polluting oils or waste water and spent fuel in nuclear facilities.

The benefits are:

avoid seepage of leachates into the ground

isolate hazardous chemicals

protect the groundwater

confine polluted areas to avoid further expansion of the phenomenon

excellent durability even when in contact with the most hazardous waste

Traffic Tunnels

Highway, subway and railway tunnels all suffer from a common problem: water infiltration, which over time may create a humid environment leading to deterioration of concrete, potential infiltration of hazardous gases and chemicals from the ground, and formation of dangerous stalagtites.

Carpi waterproofing geomembrane systems are applied to new tunnels, and for rehabilitation of existing tunnels. The geomembrane can be applied to the entire tunnel cross-section, or to the crown and walls, or to problematic areas only.

The benefits are:

restore the watertightness of the structure

creates a barrier to infiltration of gases or hazardous chemicals from the ground

prevents damage to electrical and electronic services

controls negative effects of pressure against the structure, when combined with a drainage system

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