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Canals are generally lined, and over time the environment and the dynamic forces of water can deteriorate the lining. Increased permeability, deterioration of joints, and formation of cracks, result in loss of water, increased hydraulic roughness, possible slope instability.

Carpi waterproofing geomembrane systems in canals are mostly used for rehabilitation.

The benefits are :

stop leakage

bridge joints and even large cracks

protect the canal structure from further deterioration and the slopes from instability

increase the water flow. After relining with the exposed geomembrane significant increase in water flow has been documented

Carpi has successfully lined all types of canals, for irrigation and power supply. If for structural reasons a new additional concrete layer is required, embedding the geomembrane in the new concrete allows compensating the narrowing section.

Carpi waterproofing systems can be installed during canal operation, with lowered water velocity.

Latest canal projects
  • Kootenay – Canada
  • Tekapo Canal Rehabilitation project – New Zealand